1. To form a brown (coffee)-colored and dappled Miniature Dachshund population.

One can count brown and dappled Miniature Dachshund on the fingers of one hand to date.

Some breeders are rather afraid of working with “exotic” colours, others prefer “classic”, and the third have to start their work with standard 7-9 kilos weighted dogs, which have necessary colour, and a downsizing is a very laborious and prolonged process (no less than 4-8 generations, depending on the size of original dogs). For all that the received small Dachshund often don’t inherit wanted colour genes.

We construct the pedigrees of our breeding kennel dogs in a specific way, in order to preserve in posterity a secure presence of a brown colour gene, to miniaturize dogs, and also to receive, if possible, a maximum quantity of brown and dappled Dachshund.

Puppies "Golden Fler"
Dachshunds puppies "from Golden Fler"

2. To perfect a brown and dappled Dachshund conformation up to the CHAMPION level.

As I have already told, the BOB Miniature Dachshund are mainly red and black-and-tan dogs yet.

Several due conformation level and size brown females have appeared during the last years, but things are much worse with dappled Dachshund. Only a planned breeding work will correct the situation, and Miniature rings will be able to boast of spangling and really miniature “colouredDachshund.

We try to mate our “coloured” females only with the best males of Russia choosing the latter not by quantity of loud titles, but by the quality of their posterity.

Tuman v nochi from Golden Fler
Tuman v nochi from Golden Fler

3. To preserve and to develop Miniature Dachshund working qualities.

A peculiarity of the Miniature Dachshund popularity forming in our country brought the “dwarfs” (zwerg-dachshund) and “rabbits” (kaninchen-dachshund) working qualities into decrease and, in a number of cases, into loss.

At the time of USSR breeding permission was given only to dogs, which had the fox working certificate. But by the time of the first Miniature Dachshund appearance pre-existing cynology organizations fell apart and first clubs and breeding kennels appeared, where the dogs breeding value was judged only by quantity of victories on dog shows and by the puppies cost. Not only Dachshund with unchecked working qualities, but even those, who were openly afraid of beasts were admitted to breeding.

Just at that time an opinion about a Miniature Dachshund inability of true work was moulded. An original Miniature and Rabbit Dachshund baiting system “through the gate” even sprang up.

A doggy was only to yap on a fox, which was separated from a Dachshund by a partition (a gate), and the “working dog” was ready.  Other owners didn’t consider necessary even to show a beast to their Dachshund: a lot of CHAMPIONS of those years had only blood trail certificate. 

A situation has much improved. FCI requirements stipulate that the Dachshund must have a working quality certificate to receive the “International champion” title. It makes breeders to place emphasis not only on dogs’ exterior, but also on their working qualities.

Practically each dog of our breeding kennel has working diplomas and certificates. We think that Dachshund is first of all the gun dog, and a small size can’t hinder a true warrior (5.7 kilos weighted Topa had two diplomas of the first degree – he worked splendidly by exchanges; 2.8 weighted rabbit Uma (Lekol Bobby Charm Zainka Yozhkin Sun) works with a fox by short painful grips).

Zhivanshi from Golden Fler
Zhivanshi from Golden Fler

4. Maximum possible downsizing under conditions of points 1-3.

A breeding type may frequently be lost after a considerable downsizing: a skeleton may lighten, a muscular system may weaken, features of “dwarfness” – domed skull, narrow muzzle, protruding eyes, excessive excitability, and cowardly conduct – may appear. So a build type displacement from strong to tender takes place. This build is more typical for “decorative” breeds (Italian greyhound, bolonka and so on), but not for gun dogs, as the Dachshund .

But in practice we can avoid such phenomena however, and 2-2.5 weighted Dachshund can practically be free from build type displacement and have excellent working qualities. One of the aims of our breeding kennel is to receive very small dogs of perfect type.

Flejty nezhnaya melodiya from Golden Fler
Standard brown-and-tan dachshund and rabbit-dachshund
Flejty nezhnaya melodiya from Golden Fler

June, 2004.
Pictures 2005-2006

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