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 Kennel “Golden Fler”


23.02.2024 15:54



Вертихвостка фром Голден Флер

Hello! Let me introduce myself: my name is Olga Abakshina. I’m the owner and head of multi-breeding Dachshunds Kennel “Golden Fler”

The time for establishing my breeding kennel in 30th of May 1998 when I on a special dachshund dog-show in Moscow I saw two MIRACLES: a charming brown-dappled smooth-haired male dachshund-cub from kennel "Mokko Maximum" and a long-haired rabbit (kaninchen) female dachshund who was as a small size sport shoe of her master. So this was the birth of MY DREAM about a tiny “coloured” dachshund. But turned out, that it was not so easy to achieve it: smooth-haired “rabbits” weighting about 4 kilos only began to appear on rinks at that time and what is more the miniature type of the breed was represented solely by red and black-and-tan dogs.

Fortunately, I had Top (Monomach Tiсhon) – a miniature brown-and-tan male doggy, who was received by chance from standard parents.

Nina Batrakova has mated him with black-dappled female Bitemaster Zlata the same year. It was the very litter, which miniature black-dappled Lera (Blaze Golden Fler) belonged to. She has become a mother of several brown and dappled dogs, the main body of a breeding kennel.

The pedigree prefix “From Golden Fler” was officially registered in March of 2002.

Еджи Грейт Хантер
We with the Hedgehog on a hole

A short time previously I was lucky again to purchase a little brown male Yedzhy Great Hunter (the breeder – Kopylova T.) - Yozhik (“Hedgehog”) had an excellent conformation and weighed only 3.5 kilos…Unfortunately, he has tragically perished. He gave birth only to several puppies, including two dappled females: Joconda and Jennifer.

At the beginning of 2004 I had Miniature Dachshund of all standard assumed colour variations and several black-dappled Rabbit Dachshund with gene of brown colour (“coffee”) in our breeding kennel.

However, feckless reproduction according to "color" and "size", not considering the exterior and origin of dogs lead, conducts to fast degeneration and attenuation of pedigree attributes. Therefore we always considered in our work the best characteristic qualities and tribal value of used sires and limited the descendants in the selection work. Well, we went to our aim longer but with the best results.

At last, in May, 2007 from the Champion of Russia a black-and-dapple female Tayna ee lyubvi (secrets of its love) from Golden Fler and male Malenkiy Komarik iz Omskoy kreposti have been born 6 magnificent puppies, best of which are left in kennel for the further selection work and increased the number of Champions: charming tiny a brown-dapple female Vertihvostka (coquette) from Golden Fler, a miniature dachshund brown-and-tan Vereskoviy med (Heathy honey) from Golden Fler and it is a black-and-tan Velikiy Kombinator (great schemer) from Golden Fler

By 2009 in we have 16 Champions or 20 % of all the puppies received in kennel and their concentration steadily grows.
With respect to others parents of kennel almost all of them are the winners or prize-winners of various exhibitions and candidates of the National Champions of breed and absolutely all have a breeding estimation: "excellent". So rigorous selection of parents enables with correct selection of pairs create posterity of the best exterior.

So, having realized one dream (to be the owner of brown-dapple rabbit (kaninchen) dachshund), I got another one - to get the ideal micro-dachshund.
Having received knowledge and experience during the years this dream is quite attainable.

But "one is safety in numbers", and therefore, I still keep on inviting for friendship and cooperation of all enthusiasts and lovers of this unique beauty, intelligence and devotion to the breed! And especially connoisseurs of the smallest and brightest of its representatives!
There are now more than 50 peoples having ties with us. So we can speak about "the breed club", united by the love to this dogs.
Be with us and join to us!!!

Written by:
June 2004
corrected and edited:
June 2009

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